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Monzon and Son Lowbeds Rock it in this boom!

April 18, 2019

Last year, Southern California recorded an 8 percent year-over-year growth in construction jobs boosting the combined construction workforce in the region to 361,600.[i]  Hiring rates are up from last year and industry leaders expect them to continue to rise.[ii] This is a clear, strong vote of confidence about the future of construction in Southern California from within the industry itself.

Even more specifically, downtown Los Angeles is in the midst of a building boom. At the end of 2018 there were almost 3 million square feet of office space, 1.1 million square feet of retail space, and 1271 hotel rooms under construction in downtown Los Angeles.[iii] Proposals for future projects include more than double that office and retail space, and more than seven times the hotel rooms.[iv]

The construction boom is not limited to office, retail and hotel space. Infrastructure such as highways, bridges and airports are a major part of Southern California’s construction budget. For example, a regional transportation panel recently approved a $42 million project to add a new westbound 91 Freeway lane stretching from Green River Road in Corona to the 241 toll road in Orange County.[v] The Los Angeles national airport continues its extensive renovations with a proposal for a new terminal, necessitating roadway expansion, pedestrian bridges, and more.[vi]

Unfortunately, natural disasters are increasingly common in Southern California and the clean-up can be enormous. In Ventura County alone, fire crews cleaned up over 50 million pounds of debris caused by the Thomas Fire in late 2017. Monzon and Son Enterprises are very proud to have provided 25 dirt trucks, 18 end dumps and 7 Super Ten’s for this cleanup, in partnership with our customer, National Demolition.[vii]

Whether it’s growth or clean up, every project has its own specific needs. Monzon & Son Enterprises prides itself in providing customizable turnkey and cost-effective solutions for every project. We maintain direct control over delivery and overall service of the owned and operated 30 bottom dumps, 15 end dumps, 10 super-10’s, 10 flat beds, lowbeds. All dirt trucks are CARB/PORT complaint and all trucks are maintained to the highest standards.[viii]

Our LowBed fleet consists of 16-tire LowBed trailers and traveling axle trailers with the capacity to haul up to 45 tons of payload. Anything from skid steers and backhoes, to loaders, excavators and scrapers, we will get it down the road and efficiently. One of the features that differentiates flatbed trailers from one another is the trailer bed height. Unlike a standard flatbed, whose height is uniform throughout at 60 to 62 inches, a lowbed has two higher sections along with a lower middle area. This makes them suitable for heavy, over-sized loads or to haul heavy equipment such as bulldozers, industrial equipment etc.

LowBeds provide versatility, enable compliance on height restrictions, and offer extra strength and stability. They are specifically designed to carry heavy loads. LowBeds are commonly used in construction when heavy duty vehicles are needed such as is the case in the construction of roads and bridges. Some construction equipment and blocks cannot be transported with the normal semi-trailers. LowBeds are also used to transport materials such as concrete blocks and beams that are not only heavy but also large.

A LowBed’s deck is low compared to other heavy haulers. A low-lying deck means that the center of gravity is low making them more stable when transporting heavy cargo. The structure of LowBeds enable companies to transport such wide cargo and extra tall cargo easily.

From construction to clean up, every project has its own specific needs. The experts at Monzon & Son Enterprises can help you determine which of the many services they offer will best suit your specific needs. Their professionalism and commitment to safety, integrity and excellence provides a foundation that has enabled them to support the increase in construction projects that Los Angeles has seen in the past few years.[ix]

No matter the project, Monzon & Son Enterprises has got you covered. CONTACT US HERE