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Construction Trucking Company Supports Major Projects in Los Angeles

July 22, 2018

The past few years of the economic boom across the United States has resulted in surges in growth potential for the construction sector in Los Angeles. Consequently, the city has seen various significant infrastructure projects proposed and completed. These projects include everything from skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles to transportation infrastructure, allowing more individuals and businesses to call Los Angeles their home.

In addition, more business-friendly policies have resulted in an increased capacity for construction projects in Los Angeles. A recent survey by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) suggests that there has been a “6% rise in construction employment” in Los Angeles County in the last year alone. This rise in employment is instrumental for developing new construction projects in Los Angeles, promoting modernization and improving the presence of the city on the world stage.

One such project is related to public transportation. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or Metro Rail, is envisioning a light rail network running through many currently ‘disconnected’ San Fernando Valley communities. This huge undertaking is called the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor, and it will run 9.2 miles along Van Nuys Boulevard, connecting the (current) Orange Line and the new Sepulveda Transit Corridor Line. This faster light rail system will have a higher capacity as well as direct connections to other areas.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the project is expected to be a “boon for Valley residents and commuters,” serving as a corridor that “[transforms] communities from San Fernando to Van Nuys.” This ambitious yet exciting project is expected to be completed in 2027 and serve as one part in the larger L.A. transit plan that connects the San Fernando Valley to the rest of the city. The date of completion falls in line with another major initiative by the city of Los Angeles related to construction, the “Twenty-Eight by ‘28” initiative, which is aiming to complete 28 infrastructure projects before the 2028 Summer Olympics. These projects will quickly boost the L.A. economy, and many of them are expected to break ground as early as 2021 or 2022.

The San Fernando Valley rail project has strong funding from multiple sources. One of these is Measure M, which was approved by L.A. County voters in 2016. It raises the sales tax by a half-cent to support these projects. This tax increase has enabled the allocation of more than $810 million in funding for the project, with nearly a quarter of it coming from the statewide increase in the gasoline tax. With a projected cost of around $1.3 billion, this project is a major investment for the L.A. community. However, Metro Rail expects the benefits to far outweigh its costs: officials argue that this expansion will “help residents in densely populated areas by connecting underserved neighborhoods to the Metro transit network.” Metro also argues that this project would “transform the community and make residents’ lives better.”

The allocation of funding and resources for major projects has allowed our construction company to be a major supporter of these L.A. construction initiatives. We are ready, willing and able to build the future of Los Angeles, whether through infrastructure buildings, residences or facilities for the upcoming Olympics. Our construction company moves earth for these types of major projects. We have multiple construction trucks across the city of Los Angeles and the larger metropolitan area. Through the provision and transportation of resources and materials, our quality service will enhance these ambitious construction efforts in the L.A. area. Without our services, critical materials would not be readily available.

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