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Gerald Desmond Bridge Long Beach, CA – Replacement Project

September 29, 2017

WeTruckItAll provides construction trucking services for the Gerald Desmond Bridge project in Long Beach.

If you have been to Long Beach, a prominent and thriving city close to Los Angeles, you will know the Gerald Desmond Bridge. A lot has been discussed in the media about improving it over the years because it has become a vital part of the nation’s infrastructure. Not sure if you know this but nearly 15 percent of the nation’s waterborne cargo is trucked across this bridge. It has become a critical access route for logistics purposes between the Port of Long beach, Downtown Long Bach and its’ surrounding communities.

The project in itself has given caused for an official website to be created about progress, traffic reports and more on the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project. Officials on the case have said that the new bridge will be built in style i.e. a cable-stayed design and will be high enough to accommodate the newest generation of the most efficient cargo ships. The world is coming up with newer and more innovative cargo ships and being an international port, the bridge has to be able to keep up with innovation as well. We also understand that the new bridge will be wider and be better able to accommodate existing and future traffic volumes, all of which will add both efficiencies and productivity to both inbound and outbound logistics and international trade.

Many Southern California residents may not know this but The Gerald Desmond Bridge has been designated as a National Highway and part of the Federal Strategic Highway Network serving the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and the cities of Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County. Being a significant bridge for the region, serious investment has gone into the planning of this for a long time now.

In a report last year by the Press-Telegram of Long Beach, by the time this $1.5 Billion cable-stayed bridge is completed, construction workers for this project would have laid 300,000 cubic feet of concrete and erected more than 90 million pounds of steel and steel reinforcement. On any given day it is expected that more than 300 construction workers will be on site from welders and engineers. Whilst it will create jobs it is also a great economic benefit for local vendors. For the residents of Long Beach this will be an iconic and contemporary structure, which will lift and add value to the panoramic view of the city. Not only will people be able to drive over the bridge safely but also have the luxury to cycle on designated bike lanes, with three scenic overlooks at the very least.

Monzon and Sons is proud to be serving this project by providing a fleet of dump trucks to remove aggregate from the site. “Our mission is to provide quality service and reliable construction trucks to ensure the project runs smoothly” says founder and owner, Kelvin Monzon. He continues to say that, “when the project is done, the benefits it will provide to the Los Angeles business community will be tremendous, I don’t think people realize this but the bridge will provide a 205 foot vertical clearance to accommodate the world’s largest “greener” vessel, and offer improvements in traffic flow and better transportation means for the ports”.

Monzon and Sons continues to expand its’ fleet of construction trucks to further support the growth infrastructure and construction in the Los Angeles area. “We are proud to be CARB/PORT compliant with our dirt trucks and are the single largest DBE/SBE and MBE certified fleet in Southern California” comments Kelvin Monzon. The business has been trading for over 20 years with the family being in the trucking business longer than that. With 20 bottom trucks moving aggregate at The Gerald Desmond Bridge and other projects which will be discussed in future articles, Los Angeles property developers and construction companies can rely and trust on the service provided by the team at Monzon and Sons. For more information and to book a truck service, click HERE.